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Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism in Petrikov District

As of 1 August 2010, seven rural tourism facilities were registered in Petrikov District: Korolev Stan in the village of Makarichi (2007), Khutorok in the village of Demenka (2008), Ded Talash in Petrikov (2009), Bogomazov Dvor in the village of Novoselki (2009), Nikolin Bereg in the village of Makarichi (2009), a tourism cottage of Galina Leshinskene and GriMarinka in the village of Bagrimovichi (2010).
Petrikov Forestry opened a hunting lodge on the territory of Luchitsy Rural Council in 2009. The information about the rural tourism facilities of the district is available in the Internet. Farmsteads Khutorok, Ded Talash, Korolev Stan were placed on the national catalogue “Rural Tourism in the Republic of Belarus” upon the order of Belagroprombank and regional booklets “Best Rural Tourism Facilities of Gomel Oblast” and “Rural Tourism in Gomel Oblast”.

Since September 2009 rural tourism services have been provided by the Toroka company; a hunting and fishing house in the village of Snyadin has been opened; a tourism complex is being built in the village of Konkovichi.

The biggest company of the town, Pripyatsky National Park, offers travelling and excursion services. It is the best choice for those who love outdoor sports, including water sports, hiking and car trips.

The tourism department of the Pripyatsky National Park offers:

one-day tours;
weekend getaways in the countryside with fishing;
barbeque with fish broth and fishing;
special eco-tours for up to ten days;
heritage tours.

Vacationers are accommodated at the tourism complex Lyaskovichi that consists of the Khlupinskaya Buda complex, the Cheretyanka hunting and fishing house, the Starushki, U Sosnakh facilities. There is also a café with a comfortable banquet hall and billiards, a modern bathhouse with a pool, a shashlik house, garden houses, and boat rentals. The complex offers hunting and fishing tours, eco-tours, boat trips and excursions. It is an excellent venue for family and corporate vacations.
The rural tourism is growing increasingly popular year to year.

Name of rural tourism facility, year of opening



1 August 2010







Korolev Stan, 2007







Khutorok, 2008







Ded Talash, 2009







List of rural tourism facilities as of 1 August 2010

Contact person or name of a rural tourism facility

Location (address, phone)

Date of registration

Anatoly Korol
Korolev Stan

44 Pervomayskaya Street, village of Makarichi, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast 247940

1 December 2007

Leonid Khodko

Village of Demenka, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast, 247940

29 December 2008

Vera Khodko
Ded Talash

D. Talasha Street, Petrikov, Gomel Oblast, 247940

24 February 2009

Nikolai Petrovets
Nikolin Bereg

92 Rechnaya Street, village of Makarichi, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast 247940

20 August 2009

Oleg Bogomazov
Bogomazov Dvor

Village of Novoselki 247940
8-029-645-44-70, 353-85-54

29 December 2009

Galina Leshinskene

11 Lutinova Street, Petrikov, Gomel Oblast 247940

18 January 2010

Maria Popok

5 Shkolnaya Street, village of Bagrimovichi, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast 247940

31 March 2010

Rural tourism farmstead Khutorok

The rural tourism farmstead Khutorok is located 64km away from the town of Petrikov in the small Polesie village of Demenka on the bank of the beautiful River Ptich. The compact farmstead offers excellent amenities for tourists such as two detached houses, a fireplace, a shower, a bathhouse, and a toilet.

The farmstead Khutorok can welcome up to 20 people at once.
There are summerhouses for recreation there as well as a sports ground, two Russian bathhouses, a moonshine house where visitors will be able to learn how to make genuine Polesie moonshine.

We offer the following kinds of services to holidaymakers:

- walks to “beaver huts”;
- boating along the River Ptich;
- horse riding;
- gathering of mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs;
- hunting and fishing;
- walks in the forest that will leave pleasant memories;
- meals (barbecue, fish soup, hot-smoked fish, Belarusian cuisine)

Apart from visiting the rural tourism farmstead Khutorok with families or friends one can have corporate recreation organized there as well as seminars, celebrations (weddings, birthdays, open-air parties and so on).

A specimen of architecture is located not far from the farmstead. It is a 16-17th century church Uspenskaya that was built without using nails.

Tourists can see Polesie crafts such as the production of wickerwork furniture.

We treat every customer as a person.

You can phone us: 8-029-111-99-29 or email us Dj_31@mail.ru. Our website is www.Xytorok.wmsite.ru
Welcome to our Polesie land.

Rural tourism farmstead of Ded Talash

A rural tourism farmstead that stands out from the crowd is located in Ded Talash Street in the town of Petrikov in the area of one-storied private houses. The roof made of twigs, wooden interior, carved wooden furniture, antique pieces — everything is natural and nothing is excessive.

Holidaymakers will be able to enjoy warm fire near the fireplace. Lit by a petrol lamp, dinners can be arranged.

An outdoor shower is available as well as a well, a pool with a charcoal grill and a swing.

Close to the town’s center, the farmstead enables holidaymakers to visit the restaurant Petrikov, a cafe, shops, a market, a health and fitness gym, the Petrikov local lore museum, which is located in a park, the church of Saint Nikolai and Voznesenskaya church.

Paved with stone, the road leads to the town beach where one can enjoy catamaran riding and boating.

An excellent combination of urban comfort and peacefulness of the countryside will leave lasting memories.

You can phone us: 8-029-111-99-29 or email us Dj_31@mail.ru. Our website is www.Xytorok.wmsite.ru   

Rural tourism farmstead Bogomazov Dvor

The rural tourism farmstead Bogomazov Dvor is located in the Novoselki community of the Petrikov Rural Council, Gomel Oblast, 7km far from the town of Petrikov in a picturesque place on the bank of the Pripyat River (70 meters) and 400 meters away from a forest with lakes. The road that connects the Novoselki community with Petrikov is located 500 meters away. The Ded Talash Museum is located 500 meters away, the Petrikov local lore museum is located 7km away, a health and fitness center is located in the center of Petrikov, and there are two churches.

The rural tourism farmstead boasts antique pieces, boats, fishing gear, a hunting dog, and tents for camping.

The owner of the farmstead is skilled at hunting and fishing, can take holidaymakers on interesting tours into the forest and show them places where mushrooms abound.

The specialization is fishing, riverside recreation, sightseeing tours around rivers and lakes, getting familiar with specimens of architecture and wonders of nature, local Belarusian architectural traditions (the national park Pripyatsky) and out of Petrikov District (Turov land).

The farmstead is a two-storey wooden house with a porch, with the land plot as large as 0.76 hectares. The farmstead has a brick garage with a recreation room on the second floor, running water supply, a well, a garden of low trees, a summer hut with a charcoal grill, a shower. The river bank is 70 meters away.

The farmstead offers three rooms for tourists.

You can reach the farmstead by car or by railroad: the railway station Mulyarovka and then by bus to the village of (Malyye) Novoselki (Petrikov rural council) 9km.
Accommodation orders can be taken by phone:

8-029-353-85-54 Nina Ivanovna Bogomazova
8-029-645-4470 Oleg Valeryevich Bogomazov


GriMarinka is located in a small village of Bagrimovichi in a picturesque location, near the confluence of two rivers Pripyat and Ptich. Surrounded by numerous lakes, some 10km away from the Gomel-Brest motorway, the place is well-known among amateur fishermen and hunters.

Guests can be accommodated in two detached houses. There is a summerhouse, a pond with fish (carp, catfish, crucian carp), a fruit garden where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of nature, and also make barbeque, bake fish that you have fished.

For sauna lovers there is a Russian bathhouse. After the bath the hosts treat you to tea with honey from their own bee apiary. On the second floor of the bathhouse there is a lounge where you can relax, listen to music, watch TV. The hosts keep a large household: a cow, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese.

Hospitable hosts will also offer you fresh milk, roasted goose, braised chicken or goose, and fresh bread.

Karaoke is available.

Petrikov Forestry

The forestry is located in Petrikov District, in the northern part of Gomel Oblast.

Petrikov Forestry has special hunting permit (license) No. 02080/0319358 issued by the Forestry Ministry. The license was granted on the basis of Resolution No. 1-OX of the Forestry Ministry of the Republic of Belarus of 15 July 2006. The license is valid for ten years up to 15 July 2016. It is registered No. 0020 in the register of licenses of the Forestry Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.


Address of the legal entity: 15a Lenina street, Petrikov, Gomel Oblast
E-mail address: petrikov@forest.gomel.by

Contact information:
Hunting manager Piotr Stepanovich Bogdanovich
phone:  8 02350 54645
cell: 8029-3294707.

The territory of the hunting range is divided into six game warden’s rounds. There is a no-hunting zone within the boundaries of Komarovichsky forestry, four hunting areas (primarily large hoofed animals), two zones for dog training.

How to Find Us:

By train

You take a train to the Ptich railway station, then take a bus to the town of Kopatkevichi, and then further to the village of Luchitsy (the hunting lodge).

By car

If you go by car, head to the town of Petrikov and then to the village of Luchitsy. The village of Luchitsy is 190km away from the city of Gomel, 290 km away from Minsk.


The area of the Petrikov Forestry is 75,686 hectares. Of which forests occupy 49,585 ha, fields and meadows - 23,070 ha, water bodies – 730 ha, swamps – 2,301 ha.
The number of major game animals:

The number of major game animals






number, head

Hunted, head

number, head

hunted, head

number, head

hunted, head

number, head

Projections, head










Wild boar









Roe deer









Prices for Belarusian hunters:

1. One-time hunting license

- trophy roebuck – Br150,000
- European roe deer  – Br100,000
- wild boar (young) – Br150,000
- wild boar (adult male) – Br230,000
- wood grouse – Br120,000
- blackcock – Br30,000
- daily rate for one-time hunting license – Br10,000
2. One-time and season rates for fur animals:
- one-time – Br15,000
- season – Br100,000

The hunting lodge is nestled in the Luchitsy Forestry, 100m away from the village of Luchitsy, Petrikov District, on the bank of the Ptich River

Each of the four (one-bed, twin and three-poster) rooms of the hunting lodge has been designed to provide every modern comfort. Showers, bathrooms, satellite television, kitchens fitted with all necessary electric appliances, crockery and outdoor grill facilities will make your stay a simple yet truly unique experience.

The hunting lodge has a room with a fireplace and a billiard table as well as a gunroom. A bathhouse with a steam room and a sauna will help you relax and unwind. Services of a Russian stove with an oven, a game dressing facility and a cold room are available.

Services offered at the hunting lodge

The hunting lodge has an open-air cage for keeping hounds.

Services available for hunters and other visitors:
a vehicle for guided trips  – Br17,000 per hour
lodgings – Br25,000 per day
bathhouse – Br8,000 per person per hour
open-air cage services – Br2,200 per day
indoor parking – Br2,400 per day
billiards – Br5,000 per hour
an electric hot plate – Br2,200 per hour
a two-seat boat – Br1,600 per hour
tent rent – Br6,000 per day
a catamaran – Br2,000 per hour
a motor boat – Br4,000 per person per hour
a bicycle – Br3,500 per hour
firewood – Br10,500 per 1 cubic meter or Br110 per a log
a spinning rod – Br3,000 per daylight hours
a dishware set – Br2,000 per day
a cookware set – Br2,000 per day
an outdoors grill – Br1,500 per hour
a cauldron – Br1,500 per day
guided walks – Br5,200 per hour
an opportunity to gather mushrooms, berries and medicinal berries;
wild animal, rare bird, beaver, badger and wolf watching and photographing;
sightseeing, walks in oak woods, visits to Ded Talash Museum in the village of Novoselki and the Petrikov local lore museum.

Prices for accommodation and other services for foreigners are set in line with the inter-hunt agreement.

Prices for services and licensed game may be subject to change throughout a year