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619 Ukrainians arrive in Belarus since 24 February

Since 24 February 619 citizens of Ukraine have arrived in Belarus, BelTA learned from the State Border Committee. 

From 24 February to 11 March, 1,760 citizens crossed the Belarusian border from Ukraine: 902 citizens of Belarus, 619 - Ukraine and 239 - other states.

"From 6.00 on 10 March to 6.00 on 11 March, 101 citizens came to Belarus from Ukraine: 8 citizens of Belarus, 89 - Ukraine, 4 - other states," the State Border Committee said. 

Ukrainian citizens are temporarily placed in hotels and health resorts in Gomel Oblast.

Belarusian checkpoints are operating in a routine mode. Ukraine has suspended the work of its border crossings on the border with Belarus.

"For more information about safe departure from Ukraine and a transit route to Belarus, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus at: +380504062330; +375173794771, +375173792673, +375172792872. E-mail of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: consul@mfa.gov.by," the committee noted.

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