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Healthcare institution "Petrikov Central District Hospital"
Lunacharsky str., 5, 247940, Petrikov, Gomel region
tel.: (02350) 2-82-23, fax: (02350) 2-82-30

There is a license issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus No. 02040/1915 for the right to carry out medical activities to provide all types of highly qualified medical care and certain types of specialized medical care. The number of types of medical care is constantly increasing due to the training of specialists and the purchase of medical equipment and medical equipment products for its provision.

Semikopenko Olga Leonidovna – Chief Physician 8-02350-2-82-23

Korbut Lyudmila Tikhonovna – Deputy Chief Physician for medical care of the district population 8-02350-2-82-39

Lyudmila Mikhailovna Zankevich - Deputy Chief Medical Officer 8-02350-2-82-09

Kuksa Evgeny Nikolaevich – head of the household 8-02350-2-8237
Litvin Ruslana Sergeevna – Chief Nurse 8-02350-2-82-20
Baranich Galina Nikolaevna – Chief Accountant 8-02350-2-8236

Online record: TALON.BY

Information about patients undergoing inpatient treatment in the CRH can be obtained by calling 2-82-16 (reception department).

Books of comments and suggestions are available in all medical institutions of the district in accordance with the requirements of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 14.01.2005 No. 2 "On improving work with the population", including in CRH – 1 (reception of the chief physician).

In the UZ "Petrikovskaya CRH" the work of the "hot" telephone line is organized daily (except weekends) from 9:00 to 17:00 by phone 2-82-23.

To inform the population, this information is posted on information stands, published in the district newspaper.

The healthcare institution "Petrikov Central District Hospital" serves the population of the Petrikovsky district (as of 01.01.2022) the population in the district as of 01.01.2022 is 26406 people. The proportion of people of working age was 51.09% (13490 people) as of 01.01.2022. Persons over the working age – 29.9% (7886 people). Children under 18 – 5211 (19.7%).

Medical assistance to the population of the district is provided by the healthcare institution "Petrikov Central District Hospital", which includes:
- central district hospital 141 beds:
-therapeutic department – 50 (1st therapy – 25, 2nd therapy – 25);
-neurological beds – 15 (1st therapy – 15)
-surgical department – 20;
-infectious diseases department – 15;
-children's department – 15;
-gynecological department – 20;
-intensive care unit – 6.

- Kopatkevichi village hospital with a capacity of 35 beds (15 therapeutic, 20 nursing beds); outpatient clinic for 100 visits per shift with a day hospital for 15 beds. Service area -20 km. The number of the serviced population is 3494 people.
- Lyaskovichi district hospital with a capacity of 15 beds (5 therapeutic, 10 nursing beds); outpatient clinic for 100 visits per shift with a day hospital for 5 beds. The service area is 12 km. The number of the serviced population is 1877 people.
- Novoselkovskaya nursing Hospital with a capacity of 30 beds;
The number of the population served is 1419.

Thus, 221 beds have been deployed in the district for the diagnosis and treatment of patients in need of round-the-clock supervision and 60 beds for the provision of medical and social assistance and the organization of care for elderly people in need of outside care and who do not have relatives, as well as the premises of such persons for a short time to organize their own recreation or solve other tasks. For placement in social beds, a contract of the established pattern is concluded between the administration of the UZ "Petrikovskaya CRH" and a capable patient or his legal representatives.

The structure of the Petrikov CRH also includes:
- Petrikov central polyclinic, which conducts outpatient appointments in the medical specialty: therapist, pediatrician, otolaryngologist, oculist, neurologist, endocrinologist, narcologist, psychiatrist, gynecologist, surgeon, dentist, dermatovenerologist, oncologist, psychologist, there is an X-ray diagnostic room, functional diagnostics room, ultrasound diagnostics room, endoscopic office, department physiotherapy and rehabilitation, interdistrict department of chronic programmed hemodialysis.
- 9 outpatient clinics of a general practitioner, with a total capacity of 978.3 visits per shift, 24 FaaS, which are functional units of outpatient clinics. (Novoselkovskaya, Myshanskaya, Ptichskaya, Konkovichskaya, Kuritichskaya, Koptsevichskaya, Komarovichskaya, Luchitskaya, Kolkovskaya).
- The Department of Emergency and emergency Medical Care, where 4.5 paramedic field teams work around the clock to provide emergency and emergency care to the population at home and transportation to the hospitals of the district if hospitalization is necessary. 72 day-stay beds have been deployed in outpatient polyclinic organizations for the treatment of patients who do not require round-the-clock medical supervision.

In order to increase the availability of highly qualified medical care to residents of the district, the UZ "Petrikovskaya CRH" is included in the regional teleconsultative medical center.

To everyone who is looking for a job!

The healthcare institution "Petrikov Central District Hospital" is in need of specialist doctors:
obstetrician-gynecologist - 2,
internist – 1
oncologist - 1,
phthisiologist - 1,
clinico–laboratory diagnostics doctor - 1,
dentist-therapist - 1,
general practitioner – 2,
Doctor's assistant – 6,
Nurse - 7,

For employment issues, please contact by phone:
Acting Head of the Personnel Department 8-02350-2-82-38