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Education Department of the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee

247940, Petrikov, Gagarin Street, 17

Phone: 8 (02350) 2-70-79

Head of the Education Department of the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee

Zhukovets Lyudmila Nikolaevna

Reception of citizens on personal matters on Wednesdays from 8.00 to 13.00

Department website

Preliminary consultation of citizens, an appointment with the head of the education department of the Petrikovsky district executive committee on the established days and the reception of applications is carried out by the secretary by phone 8 (02350) 2-70-75 (reception of the education department).

Carries out general management of the department for the implementation of state policy in the field of education, child protection.

Chief Specialist of the Education Department of the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee

Shpak Tatiana Nikolaevna

coordinates the work on staffing the department, educational institutions, work on the declarative principle reference service

Tel. 8 (02350) 2-70-63

Chief Specialist of the Education Department of the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee

Gaponova Elena Alexandrovna

coordinates issues of child protection (establishment of guardianship, adoption, implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 18), wellness of students

Tel. 8 (02350) 2-70-52

In 2021, there are 44 institutions functioning in the district, subordinate to the education department of the Petrikovsky district executive committee, including:

25 institutions of general secondary education (including

1 gymnasium, 12 secondary schools, 12 educational and pedagogical complexes kindergarten-school);

14 institutions of preschool education (including the Petrikov Preschool Child Development Center);

3 institutions of additional education for children and youth;

1 center for correctional and developmental training and rehabilitation;

1 social and educational center.

In 2021, the Preschool Child Development Center No. 2 of the city of Petrikov of the Department of Social Development and Housing and Utilities of the Open Joint Stock Company "Belaruskali" for 240 places was opened, which is currently attended by 90 pupils.

1 390 people are employed in educational institutions, of which 696 teachers have a sufficient educational and qualification level: 95.5 % of school teachers and 60.1 % of preschool teachers have higher education, 79.6 % of school teachers and 61.1 % of preschool institutions have the highest and first qualification categories.

0.2 % of teachers have the qualification category “teacher-methodologist” (State Educational Institution “Gymnasium of Petrikov”).

There are 2 700 places in preschool education institutions. 26 educational institutions implementing the preschool education curriculum are attended by 927 pupils.

In preschool educational institutions, there are groups of short-term stay (adaptation groups, weekend groups, evening groups, walking groups, "Mother's schools", preparing for school and others), including on a paid basis adaptation, weekend, "Mother's school" ...

3245 students study in the institutions of general secondary education of the region.

Profile education covered 30 % of students in grades X-XI (112 students from 4 educational institutions).

According to the results of the third stage of the republican Olympiad in academic subjects of VIII-XI grades in 2021, 5 students became winners.

An educational program for the professional training of workers (employees) is being implemented within the framework of the study of the subject "Labor training" in the X-XI base classes.

The total number of students covered by professional training of workers (employees) in the X-XI grades was 261 students (69,8 %). Training is carried out in 10 specialties (vegetable grower, florist, seamstress, computer operator, carpenter, joiner, mechanic-repairman, tractor driver-machinist of agricultural production, rescuer-firefighter, assistant educator).

The percentage of admission to higher education institutions is 44.7 % of the total number of 11th grade graduates.

The developed network of special education provides a high percentage of coverage of children with OPF and is 100 % for five years.

State Educational Institution "Petrikovsky District Center for Correction and Development Education and Rehabilitation" (hereinafter referred to as CCROiR) is the coordinator of special education. There is 1 special class (7 students) for children with severe and (or) multiple physical and (or) mental impairments in the Central Regional Commission for Education and Research.

The system of additional education for children and youth is represented in the district by three institutions (of which two are multidisciplinary - the State Educational Institution "Petrikovsky District Center for Children and Youth Creativity" and the State Educational Institution "Kopatkevichsky Center for Children and Youth Creativity", and one single-profile one - State Educational Institution "Petrikovsky District Center for Tourism and Local Lore children and youth ".

In institutions of additional education, there are 100 associations of interests, in which 1 152 students of urban and rural schools study. The total enrollment of students was 35.7 %.

The current areas of educational and ideological work are:

formation of responsible and safe behavior, healthy lifestyle;

prevention of illegal behavior;

labor education and vocational guidance work;

the formation of the information culture of students;

interaction of institutions of general secondary education with the family;

the formation of civil-patriotic and spiritual and moral education of students.

The indicator of enrollment of students with various types of extracurricular employment in educational institutions of the district over the past few years has remained stable - 94-95 %. The activities of associations of interests, clubs and sports sections in the 2021/2022 academic year covered more than 3 000 students of general secondary education institutions, or 94.5 %.

Students of educational institutions of Petrikovsky district were awarded 66 diplomas of the republican and regional levels.